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2018 MTP Forest Investigation Report|2018年内蒙古林地调查概况

· 林地报告 Forest Reports


To date, MTP has successfully planted 2,304,017 trees on 36 forest plots, covering an area of 32,313.15 Mu (nearly 21.54 km2) in Inner Mongolia. Apart from the regular planting, MTP also carried out the migration and replanting for the forests, where the survival rates are relatively low. The total replanted area is 1,660 Mu.


The area of forests increased dramatically in 2018. The major reason is the replanting carried out in the new forest plots to replenish the amount of dead seedlings of previous years. In 2018, MTP has planted in three plots of sandy land with the total area of 3635 Mu. More details could be seen in the graph below. (1 Ha=15 Mu)

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We’ve planted eight different species in MTP forests, including one to two years old hybrid poplar, yellow horn, maple (Acer Mono), 3-year-old pine (container seedlings), 2-year-old elm, one-year Caragana Microphylla (container seedlings), 2-year-old willow, and 2-year-old Phellodendron amurense. Details of each planted species are as follows.


1,296,708 hybrid poplars, 72,483 yellow horns, 863,348 pines, 59,617 maples(Acer Monoes) and 11,825 willows. Please note that the survival rate of Caragana Microphylla is too low to record statistics. As the amount of Phellodendron amurense is rather small, and they are very sparse over the sites, we didn’t record the statistics either. Also, since the elms and poplars are mixed together, and shared similarities in characters, we categorized both of them as poplars to count. The proportion of different species is shown in the graph below:

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From October to November this year, our staffs have taken 26 days to complete the forest investigation. The 2018 investigation sampled 8,491 trees in 278 random spots of 31 forest sites planted during year 2009 to 2018. The overall survival rate of all MTP forests is 67.85%. The graph below shows the survival rates of the planting sites that we have investigated over the last 7 years.

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