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2018 MTP Trip Review (Spring)

| 2018植树之行回顾(春)

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The procedure of tree planting doesn’t change every year but the volunteers do. Therefore, it’s rare to see anyone joining the April planting trip more than once. Jesse from SMIC school is an exception. He has been with MTP since 2016, and this is his third and last time to Inner Mongolia before he moves to US for university. It’s certainly hard for him to say goodbye.

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This year’s planting trip was exceptional. The temperature changed dramatically from below zero to 15 degrees Celsius during the 10 days. It snowed on the first trip but rained in the next two. The abnormal weather is a warning of climate change. In an effort to raise awareness of the local environmental issues, MTP started to organize the planting trip years ago.


图片来源:上海民办尚德学校 Source: Shangde Private School


By the 16th of April, 154 volunteers from seven schools and 17 companies joined the trip and planted 1,110 trees. Apart from tree planting, sessions like pruning and demonstration experiments were also welcomed by the participants.


航拍志愿者修枝 Aerial photo of volunteers prunning


Seeing off all the volunteers, MTP continues its work for this initiative in the 12th year. Again, the team would like to give special thanks to the continuous support from the sponsor companies and schools. You are the reason that MTP can make it to 2,134,400 trees and bring change to local environment and livelihood.