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Gathering in mid-spring, afforesting the desert

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Started from 2007, MTP aims to raise public awareness and encourage individuals to take action to reduce the negative impact on natural environment. By planting trees in Inner Mongolia, the project provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to fight global warming and to build a reliable protective barrier for local people and social development.

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In April 2021, 79 volunteers from 11 organizations participated in the planting trip in Inner Mongolia. This year, we planted some ten-year pine container seedlings, which is unprecedented. The holes were dug and prepared for planting by the local wokers. Some of the participants had the opportunity to experience the fun of digging holes for trees. More than 600 pine trees had been planted.

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Volunteers visited the Tamin Chagan Desert to gain a better understanding of the fact that local people literally live with desertification. Fortunately, Inner Mongolia has entirely banned grazing this year, and the desertification will be further eased.

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Volunteers came to the forest site, where the trees were planted in 2012, to carry on pruning. They learned about the growth rules of trees and that proper pruning is necessary to make poplars grow tall and straight. Besides, it is the first time we pruned pine trees.


The videos below are the highlights of the tree planting trips