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Green Open Doors for the Million Tree Project


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作者:边秀玲 By: Natasha Pei

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September 8, 2012- The Million Tree Project was hosted at the Fairmont Peace Hotel’s Green Open Doors on Saturday September 8th, and hosted approximately twenty Eco-interested friends from around Shanghai’s community. The Peace Hotel opened its doors for a full day to their friends and guests to explore the green initiatives in the historic hotel. Tours started in the lobby and included a very in-depth look at the natural light from the iconic tower, their beautifully engraved and climate-controlled air conditioning systems, eco-service in the rooms, and an organic and sustainably sourced meal. The food was delicious, coming straight from Pudong’s Biofarm, and the menu of the day was printed on an aubergine for each guest. The guests were attentive and quite curious about how they could also get involved with R&S personally. Tours were rounded-out by thank-you speeches from the hotel’s General Manager, the chef, and Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project.

As one of the Fairmont Peace Hotel’s environmental initiatives, Shanghai’s Peace Hotel has donated a 2,000 tree forest in Inner Mongolia through the Million Tree Project. To raise this forest, the hotel did activities to get the staff involved in helping and learning about the environment; with this forest, the hotel will offset 500,000kg/CO2 over the next ten years and aid the regeneration of land in Kulun Qi, Inner Mongolia. This is not the first time the Million Tree Project (MTP) has done a function with the Peace Hotel. The MTP has also been a guest at their regular Salons- spreading the word and leading discussions on how to be environmentally friendly in the city.