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School News 2015 Fall

学校新闻 2015 秋

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Beijing BISS students joined for forest investigation


Students and teachers from Beijing BISS International School volunteered to participate in the 2015 annual forest investigation in September. 830 trees in 24 sample plots were measured during their four-day stay. Students from various countries and regions gathered at the remote village in Inner Mongolia, where the living standards and environment were completely different from what the students were used to. By helping the locals with their own hands, the students ended the trip with a better understanding of the importance of environment protection.


Volunteers listening to instructions

Volunteers listening to instructions 志愿者仔细聆听调查前的指导说明

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Volunteers measuring trees 志愿者参与树木测量调查

SHSID First Grade Donated 1,000 trees


In the PG class on November 19, all the first grade teachers and students participated in the donation ceremony to The Million Tree Project sponsored by Shanghai Roots and Shoots Organization. The entire 25,000RMB from the last Charity Fair will be donated to this project to buy 1,000 seedlings. All the 1,000 seedlings will be planted on the sandy lands in Inner Mongolia China, which has a very serious environmental problem: desertification.

The working staff from Roots and Shoots Shanghai gave a brief speech and introduced the Million Tree Project to all the first grade teachers and students. Many students kept raising their hands to ask questions about this project and the serious environmental problems concerning China. All the students felt very proud of what they did in helping our earth stay green.

Finally, all six student representatives from each class handed in their donation to the Roots and Shoots staff. Every student burst out in a warm applause with great pride on everyone’s faces. The teachers believed that all the students have learned a lot on how to protect our earth. The next charity fair for the primary section will definitely gain greater success. (Caption/Photos: Jane Wu)



最后,来自每个班级的6名学生代表将捐赠交给了根与芽的工作人员。每个学生都热烈的鼓掌,满脸骄傲。老师们相信通过这样的环保活动,学生们能学到很多。下一次的公益展会相信会取得更大的成功。 (作者&照片:Jane Wu) 

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Students and teachers making donation to R&S staff; 学生代表和教师们向根与芽工作人员做捐赠

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Students listen carefully to project introduction. 学生们认真聆听根与芽员工做项目介绍