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Planting Report of 2018 New Forest 

· 林地报告 Forest Reports

林地基本信息 Basic info

位置 Location : 科尔沁后旗阿古拉镇 Agula, Keerqinhouqi

面积 Area : 2395亩/131.66 hectares

树种 Species :樟子松、五角枫、榆树; Pine, Maple, Elm

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The Million Tree Project (MTP) continues its effort to work with Kezuohouqi Forestry Bureau in 2018. The reforestation site locates at Derijilitu Gacha, Keerqin Zuoyihouqi, Tongliao City, Inner Mongalia. Over 130,000 trees have been planted, covering a total area of 159.7 hectares.


According to the local climate condition and hydrologic regime, we have planted a mix of species to ensure successful growth. Maple trees and elms were adopted as border trees, scotch pines were planted inside the plot. The scotch pines planted were mainly three years old, while the maples and elms were mostly a year old. The MTP team will follow up with fostering, watering and weed control to help increase the survival rates.

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Forest is located on Agula, Keerqinhouqi 林地, where 3- year-old scotch pine seedlings were planted with a density of 840 trees per hectare. The local forestry workshop is responsible for tree planting and annual maintenance. So far, the planting has been completed. According to the inspection on the 10th and 11th of May, the survival rate is estimated to be around 85%.