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2019年内蒙种植工作完成|MTP completed 2019 planting task in Inner Mongolia

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The Million Tree Project (MTP) forest of 2019 is located at Baiyinzhuoer, nugusitai, Kezuohou Qi, Tongliao. This year, trees are planted in an area of 113.93 hectares, which are owned by local farmers collectively.

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To ensure successful planting, we have planted the container seedlings of pines and seedling of maples on plot 2019-1. The average width of the container is 21*21 cm, and the minimum height of the seedling is 80 cm. The MTP team will follow up with fostering, watering, and weed control to increase the survival rates.

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According to the preliminary investigation, the survival rate of pines is above 80%, with the terminal buds growing rapidly. Mostly, maples have already sprouted and grown leaves. The growth condition is quite good, but there are found some red leaves (due to the lack of water or too high temperature). The tracks of watering are quite distinct, where the tools and tubes of digging well can be seen in the plot.