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Summary of 2021 MTP Forest Survey

· 林地报告 Forest Reports

林地概况 Forest Basic Information


To date, MTP has successfully planted 2,621,308 trees on 39 forest plots, covering an area of 36,558.15 Mu (24.37 km2) in Inner Mongolia. In 2021, a new plot of 961 Mu was planted, marked as plot 2021-1. More details are given in the graph below. (1 Hectare=15 Mu)

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图1. 历年栽植面积变化 

Fig. 1 Planting Areas of Each Year 

栽植树种 Type of Trees

截止2021年,栽植树种8种,分别为:杂交杨树(通林5,哲林4,白城杨,小黑杨等)1年和2年生裸根苗;文冠果播种苗;五角枫播种苗;樟子松3年生容器苗;榆树2年生苗;柠条(1年生容器苗),柳树2年生苗,黄菠萝2年生苗以及云杉3年生苗。 其中,杨树和樟子松依旧为主要造林树种,分别达总造林数量的54%和37%,其他树种占比不足10%。

To date, we’ve planted 8 types of tree species in MTP forests, including 1-year-old and 2-year-old hybrid poplar bare-root seedlings, yellow horn seedlings, maple (Acer Mono) seedlings, 3-year-old container pine tree seedlings, 2-year-old elm seedlings, 1-year-old Caragana Microphylla container seedlings, 2-year-old willow seedlings, 2-year-old Phellodendron amurense seedlings, and 3-year-old spruce seedlings. Poplars and pines made up for the majority of the trees planted, the percentages being 54% and 37% respectively, and other tree species combined less than 10%. 


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图2. 树种数量对比 

Fig.2 Types of trees 

林地保存率 Forest Survival Rate


In October and November, MTP team conducted surveys in 21 forest sites, which were planted from 2010 to 2021. The surveys took 15 days in total, covering 172 sample sites and 5830 tree samples. The sampling ratio was 0.22%. The survey measurements included the survival rate, height, basal diameter, diameter at breast height, crown width and spacing in the rows. Based on our survey results, the overall survival rate of all MTP forests in 2021 was 74.25%.


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图3. 历年保存率变化 

Fig.3 Survival rates over the years 


The adaptability of different tree species to sandy environment varies, and the average survival rate of most tree species is basically maintained at about 70%, which is a reasonable phenomenon. The adaptability of willows is relatively poor, with less than 60%. In 2021, the survival rates of various tree species are different, those of major tree species are shown in the following figure:


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图4. 主要树种的保存率对比 

Fig.4 Survival rates of each type of trees 

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图5. 2021年度各林地保存率 

Fig.5 Survival rates of each plot in 2021 


As shown in the figure above, the survival rate of most plots is higher than 60%, basically reaching our expectation. 


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图6. 林地测量工作照片 

Fig.6 Surveying in the plots