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2022年宁夏林地种植报告 2022 Ningxia Forest Planting Report

· 林地报告 Forest Reports


Supported by 19  forest sponsors, the Million Tree Project continued its desert control efforts in cooperation with Baijitan Tree Farm in 2022. Another 200,000 shrubs have been planted, covering a total area of 66.67 hectares in Baijitan Nature Reserve.

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图 1: 百万植树计划宁夏项目2022年林地示意图

Image 1, Map of the Million Tree Project Ningxia Forest of Year 2022


According to local climate condition and hydrologic regime, we choose to plant a mix of shrubs and grass on the straw girds constructed to control sand movements. In every forest site, we need to plant four times to make sure at least 180 shrubs survived per Mu.


We have finished the construction of straw grids before the end of November, and sown seeds of Caragana Korshinskii Kom and Hedysarum scoparium in the straw grids during the raining season. The planting density is two meters by one meter, which means 200 to 300 grids per Mu have been sown seeds in. In addition, 1kg Artemisia ordosica seeds have been broadcasted per Mu. One worker can do about 300 squares per day. It took approximately 50 days for 40 works to finish the work.

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图 2:草方格全景   Image 2, Straw Grids‘ Overview

由于新冠疫情的原因,今年宁夏严格限制了人员出行。生态调查活动无法招募志愿者参与。调查从8月30日开始到9月7日结束, 仅3位根与芽员工及实习生参与了活动。生态调查包括调查林地生长情况、覆盖度和生物多样性。本次生态调查共调查了六片林地,计算得121402株共30种植物。经调查,宁夏历年林地总存活率为35.43%,平均覆盖为27.85%。

Due to Covid-19, Ningxia has implemented verystrict travel restrictions this year. The Ningxia forest survey cannot recruit any volunteer to join. From August 30th to September 7th, only three staff and interns participated in this year’s summer forest survey. The forest survey included growth index, vegetation coverage and biodiversity. We found 121402 plants of
30 species in 6 forest sites during the survey. The results showed that the overall survival rate of Ningxia forest sites was 35. 43% and the average coverage was 27.85%.

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 图3: 生态调查    Image 3,Ecological Survey