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2024年内蒙植树活动回顾 Inner Mongolia Planting Trip of 2024

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“If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never thought that the desertified areas could be this close to the living areas. Perhaps the trees we planted today would make very little differnece , but sharing what we saw and experienced with family and friends might have a great impact”, shared by one of our volunteers after the tree planting trip.

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志愿者在植树 王凯摄

The volunteers were planting trees, Photo by Kai Wang


This year marks the 17th anniversary of MTP, and a total of over three million trees will be acheived in the project area of Inner Mongolia. In April, 88 volunteers from 14 companies and 2 schools participated in the tree planting trip in Inner Mongolia. There were lots of old branches underneath the ground in the planting site of this year, making it extremely difficult to dig on. The volunteers were planting trees despite of all the hardships and strong sandy wind. By the steps of spacing, digging, planting, and soil filling, 1314 poplar trees were planted all together.

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志愿者在挖树坑 陈婷摄

The volunteers were digging tree holes, Photo by Ting Chen

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志愿者在栽植杨树 郭珈源摄

The volunteers were planting poplar trees, Photo by Jiayuan GUO

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植树航拍 王凯摄

The aerial photo of tree planting, Photo by Kai Wang


The volunteers visited Taminchagan Desert on the third day of the trip. The silver white desert and crazy sandy wind certainly made it memorable. At the same time, our staff introduced the backgroud information about desertification and what it is caused by, making them understand more intuitively and realize the necessity of desertification control. On the way out of the desert, some people voluntarily picked up the garbage along the roads, leaving a cleanup space behind.

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志愿者从沙漠中检出垃圾 陈婷摄

Volunteers were picking up the garbage out of the desert, Photo by Ting Chen

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工作人员在讲解生态位工作坊 陈婷摄

The staff was introducing the workshop on Ecological Niche, Photo by Ting Chen

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工作人员在讲解土壤学工作坊 郭珈源摄

The staff was introducing the workshop on Pedology, Photo by Jiayuan GUO


Moreover, the volunteers went to the forest site where a mix of poplars and pines were planted in 2012 to prune trees. Pruning could make the trees grow taller and more upright, thereby playing a better role in windbreak and sand fixation. The volunteers were particularly impressed by the significant contrast between the thin saplings planted by hand on the second day to the tall poplar trees pruned by hand next day, the totally different feelings stepping on the loose sands compared to on the rich soil.

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志愿者在修剪树枝 陈婷、郭珈源摄

The volunteers were pruning trees, Photo by Ting Chen and Jiayuan GUO


On the last night of the planting trip in Inner Mongolia, the volunteers shared their reflections and thoughts. Thinking of the tree holes they dug, the sand blown on the face and the beautiful tree rows, the volunteers started to understand the special meaning of tree planting. They expressed strong wishes to personally take part in the action of making our planet more beautiful and sharing the spirit of afforestation with family and friends. Perhaps after a decade, the volunteers would come back to the once-sandy-land where they planted the saplings, revisit their own poplar trees.

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优美的树行 陈婷摄

The beautiful tree rows, Photo by Ting Chen