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Guangxi Forest Site Planting Report

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In 2022, MTP collaborated with Guangxi Bangliang Gibbon National Nature Reserve and planted 544 trees in Nongman, Dadu Village. The total area of trees planted is 0.55 hectares. The trees planted were the mix of Ficus concinna and Choerospondias axillaris. To date, the planting work and first round of replanting work were completed. According to the forest survey in July, the survival rate of the trees after the replanting reached 100%. To ensure the survival of the trees, MTP will take the follow-up measures such as nursing the trees, watering and weeding.

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 左图:新栽植的小叶榕 右图:新栽植的南酸枣 

Left: Newly planted Banyan seedlings Right: Newly planted Jujube seedlings


The seedlings were stem cutting ones, so the tree height was not considered a significant indicator. We measured the height where the seedlings sprouted instead. The average budding height of Ficus concinna was 160.35 cm, and the average basal diameter was 5.88 cm, and the average Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) of Ficus concinna was 3.35 cm. For Choerospondias axillaris, the average budding height was 77.53 cm, the average basal diameter was 5.16 cm, and the average DBH was 4.66 cm. Only 21% of the Choerospondias axillaris seedlings were measurable on DBH. Before the replanting, the survival rate of Choerospondias axillaris was found to be 44%. The main reason was the seedlings were mainly sprouting on the bottom, and failed in the competition with the fast-growing plants on the ground. All the seedlings replanted were Ficus concinna.

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Taking measurements of tree growth

邦亮保护区所属的黒冠长臂猿栖息地是亚热带原始森林,喀斯特地貌,气候湿润炎热。后期抚育计划是将注重除草松土并且适当施肥; 百万植树计划将继续监测该地块并进行适当的补植施肥。

The habitat of Cao Vit Gibbon at Bangliang Reserve is subtropical primary forest with Karst landscape, and the weather is humid and hot. The follow-up monitoring and nurturing plan was to take several rounds of weeding, loosening soil and fertilizing. MTP will keep visiting the forest site and continue the follow-up nurturing work for the trees.

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图:林地概况 Forest Site Overview, 2022.7.19.