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Million Tree Project Yearly Report-2016|百万植树计划2016年林地报告


MTP completed 2016 planting task

· 林地报告 Forest Reports


2016 marks the tenth year of the Million Tree Project and we have successfully planted two million trees so far. We gained recognition from our feature in the Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony video, where our volunteers were shown planting trees. None of this would have been possible without help from all of our supporters. Moving into our tenth year, we have continued our efforts to improve both the ecological and humanitarian conditions in Inner Mongolia.

2016年,项目在位于内蒙古通辽科左后旗的三块地块,总面积4383亩的土地上种植了288,500棵树,影响邻近3个村庄,使上百人受益。同时,为唤醒公众环境意识,项目开发了两个新的演示及互动活动,也为十年历程制作了两个纪录视频, 同时利用GIS系统及航拍技术对项目进行更好的监控和呈现。项目也在2016年首次招募志愿者参与夏季的生态调查,并且与国内高等林业院校开展了合作。 项目的推进离不开社会各界的支持,今年共有33家企业,12所学校为项目捐赠了林地,并有数以千计的个人以多种多样的方式为项目贡献着力量。2016年是丰收的一年,而我们的征程仍在继续,期待未来有更多的人与我们一起行动,为环境带来更多正向的改变。

292 Hectares of land across three plots at Keerqinzuoyihou Qi has been covered by 288,500 trees, benefiting hundreds of people in the three surrounding villages. In order to raise awareness in the meantime, MTP has developed two new interactive planting trip activities, two documentaries have been made to commemorate our journey over the past ten years, and the GIS technique and drones have been introduced for better monitoring of the conditions in the forests. Beginning this year, MTP involved volunteers in forestry investigation in the fall and teamed up with several forestry academies. 33 corporations and 12 schools have donated a forest, and tens of thousands of individuals have contributed in a variety of ways to help us achieve success in 2016. At the end of a great year, we are looking toward the future and hope to involve more people in our project to make our mother land a better place to live.


1. 2016年内蒙新增林地简述

1. New Forests in Inner Mongolia in 2016


In cooperation with Kezuohou Qi forestry bureau and villagers from Xiaohaotan Village, MTP has planted 288,500 trees on three plots of deserted land. The tree species we planted this year were hybra poplars, pines and maples.

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From 2007 until now, the MTP has planted over 2,000,900 trees, covering 1808.4 Hectares on 33 plots. The tree species planted include Poplars, Pines, Maples, Yellow horns, elms and Caragana microphylla Lam.

2. 2016年度林地调查情况总述

2. Forestry Investigation Updates



The Million Tree Project places an emphasis on the supervision of the trees after they are planted in order to ensure consistent ecological and environmental benefits. The 2016 investigation sampled 8,333 trees in 248 random spots on 25 forest plots and took 34 days from September to October to complete.

The overall survival rate of all MTP forests is 61.5%. The graph below shows the survival rates of the planting sites that we have tested over the last five years.

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