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Shanghai Roots & Shoots Partner Appreciation Reception hold in success! 上海根与芽合作伙伴答谢招待会顺利举行!

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Shanghai Shoot & Roots’ Partner Appreciation Reception took place at Camel Bar on November 10, 2016 to share with partners the joy of successfully having planted 2,000,000 trees in a ten years’ journey of the Million Tree Project (MTP).


Tori Zwisler, Chair board of Shanghai Shoot & Roots gave a toast and invited all guests to celebrate! The project’s success cannot be achieved without sponsors and staff’s determination and perseverance.


As of 2016, more than 300 international and local companies, 100 schools and over 2200 volunteers had taken part in the tree planting effort to help MTP achieve the second million goal!


Shanghai Shoot & Roots also took the opportunity to present awards to MTP’s long term supporters in appreciation of their continued support for the Million Tree Project.


The awards winners till 2016 are listed below:

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