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The fifth “Million Tree Rock” Concert

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On August 23rd, “The Rock of Green Hope” concert presented a wonderful night in Mao Livehouse. Shanghai R&S has invited 7 bands including David Redic, Sonnet, Da Bei, Friend & Foe, Hu Jia Hu Wei, and Death to Giant and attracted 500 supporters to join the concert.

The concert started at 8 pm and was an all-night non-stop fundraiser. 25,351 RMB was successfully fundraised through tickets, raffle, booth and other donation channels, which means 1041 more trees will be planted in Inner Mongolia!

This is the fifth Million Tree Rock Concert as to support “Million Tree Project”, which aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world. The project began in 2007 and achieved the first million-tree forest in 2012. We are now facing the second challenge, this concert has played an important role to draw the public attention by giving individuals and organizations an opportunity to fight global warming by planting oxygen-producing trees.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Corperates, organizations and private supporters who joined this concert: thank-you for all your concern, support, and hard work!

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