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· 林地报告 Forest Reports


Launched in 2007, the Million Tree Project has successfully planted 1,293,409 trees with a total scale of 1,186 hectares at 24 plots in Tongliao Municipality, Inner Mongolian. Hybrid poplars, yellow horn, mono maple, pines were planted with the proportion of 66%, 6%, 1% and 27%.

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From September to November 2013, our forestry specialists carried out onsite inspections and conducted annual investigation at all 24 plots. Statistical results show that the average survival rate has reached 78.57%. The survival rate of each plot is shown as below. Compared with previous investigation data, forests are growing stably in 2013.

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测量及对比结果显示,2013年林地总体处于良好状况。根据《造林技术规范》GB/T 15776-1995人工造林评定标准,年降雨量在400mm以下地区,成活率在70%以上(含70%),为造林合格。部分地块存在间种人为破坏问题,同时间种作物的种类对林木的生长也造成一定影响。杀虫剂及农药的不规范施用也对林木的生长存在威胁,我们会在日后的工作中,加强与合作方的沟通,加大对当地农户的教育及监管,以确保林木处于良好的生长状态。

Generally, all plots are in good conditions in 2013. According to standards from Technical Guidelines for Afforestation GB/15776-1995, it’s a successful sign that survival rate of afforestation reaches 70% in the area where average precipitation is less than 400mm. Although overall survival rate of 24 plots reached to 78.57% in 2013, still existing problems shouldn’t be ignored. Unregulated operation remains in part of the forests; intercropping species and the application of pesticide and insecticide on the crops threaten the forest in some way. In 2014, MTP team will carry out more frequent communications with local partners and enhance trainings and supervision for the local planters to ensure the forest continues to be under ideal conditions.

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