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Upcoming events in 2014


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  • Planting Trip: April 2014   达人植树行:2014年4月

Welcome to our planting trip this April in Inner Mongolia. It will be a great chance for a better understanding of what the MTP is trying to accomplish and the importance of planting trees by witnessing the desertification situation in Inner Mongolia’s largest sandy land while planting green hope by your own hands.


  • “All-Planter” Game: May 2014  达人篮球赛 :2014年5月

In May, we would love to invite our sponsors to join a basketball game. To work as a team and make lasting friendships and memories, the activities will include skill competition, shoot competition and regulation game. Please check our website for updates.


  •  Rock for Roots& Shoots: June 2014  达人摇滚之夜:2014年6月

Shanghai Roots & Shoots will host the sixth Rock night this June in an effort to support the Million Tree Project. Thousands of individuals have been involved in the charity concerts since 2007. 25,351 RMB was raised last year, which contributed 1014 more trees to lands in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia. Now, you can help us to reach our goal for planting a new forest of 1,000 trees this year.