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Volunteer Basketball Saloon


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On May. 24th, the Volunteer Basketball Saloon was held on the green field of Shanghai No.8 Senior High School. Volunteers from Stryker, Universal Scientific Industrial, Linklaters and Flour together made four teams with other individual volunteers to compete for the first prize.
The competition had two parts, the fun warm-up match and the exciting tournament. The warm-up matches included Basketball Passing Relay, Basketball Back to Back, Basketball steeplechase and etc. The players all showed enthusiasm on the fields, while the audience seemed to be more excited than the players; they all cheered for the players.

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After the warm-up matches, the tournament began. Each team sent their best players to the game. Everyone was gearing up for the real game; these volunteers who are sitting at the desks all day now became some real athletes. The four teams had their own characteristics. Team Stryker and Linklaters became team Black and White. Team members from Flour came prepared, with many skillful teammates, they attack furiously. Teams Universal Scientific Industrial’s family and friends waved the flags to cheer for their team. The first round of the tournament was indeed exciting, yet we were all looking forward to the final competition!
The warm-up matches tested the teamwork between each player, while the tournament showed the extraordinary skills of each team. Every player on the field fought until the very last minute. After the No.4 player from Team Flour scored 2 points, Universal Scientific Industrial grabbed an opportunity, scored a dramatic 3-point shot which made Universal Scientific Industrial the champion of the tournament.
After the match, all the audience voted player No.7 Chen Gong from Linklaters for the MVP of this Basketball Saloon. All the participants also received some special “Green Gifts” from Shanghai Roots and Shoots. To thank for the support from sponsors of Million Tree Project, R&S also donated one tree for each participants and five trees for the winning team. At the end, Shanghai R&S also prepared a spearmint seedling for everyone, so that everyone can bring a small plant back home.
The matches were short, but the impressions that all teams left with us was long-lasting. The same is with the spirit of environment protection. Though the season for tree planting for this year has already past, yet the spirit and belief of protecting our environment will never be out-dated.