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    Natural Christmas Trees vs Artificial Ones

    Living trees are the best trees!


    Plain Gifts vs Wrapped gifts

    How about trees as presents?


    LED vs Lightbulbs for Fairy Lights

    What can be more fanciful than starlight?


    Recycling Decorations vs Disposable decorations

    Creativity+Available Stuff>Purchased Decoration


    More Fun, Less Stuff




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    2020 MTP Summer Forest Survey Clip

    A group of high school students joined our summer forest survey as volunteers, visiting our forest sites and helping with the ecological survey.

    2020 MTP tree planting completed

    2020 is an unusual year. The spring Inner Mongolia tree planting trip was canceled. However, thanks to our forest donors, the planting work took place as usual. Let’s check out the new forest!

    Shanghai Roots & Shoots 20th Anniversary Project Review

    Shanghai Roots & Shoots is 20 years old. All these years’ work and achievements in a short review.

    Shanghai Roots & Shoots 20th Anniversary Ceremony

    The 20th anniversary ceremony was held on September 21, 2019 in Shanghai Expo Museum. Any familiar faces?

    2019 MTP planting trip clip

    It’s plenty of fun in the planting trip, Mongolia style welcome, muddy but happy tree planting, eco games…

    MTP 10th Anniversary

    In 2016, the Million Tree Project achieved the 2nd million trees’ goal. Along with the 10th anniversary of the project, we took this opportunity to invite you to join us on this journey!

    Shanghai Roots & Shoots 15th Anniversary

    Inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, Ms. Tori Zwisler founded Shanghai Roots & Shoots in 1999. Since then, SRS kept growing and empowering youth and adults to make a positive difference every day.

    illUmiNations: Protecting our Planet

    It’s a powerful video by United Nations to call for climate action. Share it with your friends!

    Just the Beginning – MTP 2012

    The first million tree was achieved in 2012, 2 years earlier than our initial plan. It could never be done without your support. It’s just the beginning.

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    Celebrate the Festive Season with Gifts that Keep Giving 

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    Roots & Shoots Group Event

    A Unique Team Building Opportunity for Your Group

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    A School Forest

    Win A Challenge Reward Package and Join 2021's Spring Planting Trip!