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The Million Tree Project (MTP) 2021 forest is located at Xinjian Village, Shuangsheng Town, Keerqinzuoyihou Qi, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. The total area of trees planted this year is 64 hectares, owned by local farmers. 

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This forest helps to protect surrounding farmlands. To ensure afforestation quality, poplars were planted on 2021-1 plot while taking local climate and hydrologic conditions into consideration. MTP team will increase the survival rates through follow-up measures like nurturing, watering, and weeding.

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左图:未截干杨树 右图:截干的杨树

Left: stem uncut poplar Right: stem cut-off poplar 


According to preliminary observation, the survival rates of saplings are above 85%. Some saplings had their stems cut off to promote roots growth. Saplings sprouted well. The tracks of watering are distinct. Soybean and other crops were interplanted between tree rows.

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2021-1林地照片 Forest Plot 2021-1

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林地概况 Forest Site Overview, 2021.6.12