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MTP 植树之行|Tree Planting Trip

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Every year, Shanghai Roots & Shoots staff, volunteers, and sponsors travel to Inner Mongolia and Ningxia to plant trees with local farmers. Sponsors may choose the location to support a forest and send volunteers on the trip.

To join the trip, companies need to donate a minimum 50,000 rmb, school groups need to donate a minimum of 25,000 rmb, and individuals need to donate a minimum of 12,500 rmb.

内蒙古行程参考 Trip Itinerary in Inner Mongolia


第1天 Day 1

直面内蒙古 Traveling and settling in Inner Mongolia

沈阳机场集合Flight to Shenyang

乘坐大巴前往科尔沁左翼后旗 Take bus to Kezuohou Qi

内蒙古特色欢迎晚宴 Welcome dinner in Mongolian style at hotel

第2天 Day 2

行动对抗气候变化 Take action to fight climate change

乘车前往植树地点,了解项目进展 Bus ride to tree planting site

种植树木Tree planting

第3天 Day 3

气候变化问题与反思 Facing the problem and reflect

沙漠活动 @ 塔敏查干沙漠 Visit Taminchagan Desert

前往旧林地 修枝 Pruning in old forests

自由活动及购物 Free time and shopping

第4天 Day 4

回顾与分享 Review and Sharing

早餐及自由活动 Breakfast and free time

乘车前往沈阳机场 Bus ride to Shenyang Airport

行程结束 End of trip

宁夏行程参考 Trip Itinerary in Ningxia


第1天 Day 1

直面环境问题 Traveling and settling in Ningxia

银川机场集合 Flight to Ningxia

前往项目区了解项目进展 Bus ride to planting site

欢迎晚宴 Welcome dinner

第2天 Day 2

行动对抗环境问题 Take action to fight climate change

扎草方格,搭配种植灌木 Pave straw grids and plant shrubs

参观沙漠博物馆 Visit Desert Museum

沙漠公园活动 Activity in desert park

沙漠徒步 Desert trecking

第3天 Day 3

分享与反思 Reflection and sharing

种植灌木 Shrub planting

午餐分享会 Sharing session at lunch

大巴前往银川机场 Bus ride to Yinchuan airport

行程结束 End of the trip


“Only if we understand can we care; Only if we care will we help; Only if we help, shall all be saved.”——Dr. Jane Goodall

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