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Shanghai R&S Hosts 4th Annual MTP Planting Trip

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From April 16 - May 3, Shanghai Roots & Shoots hosted 209 of the top Million Tree Project donors on six separate trips to Kulun Qi, Inner Mongolia. Amongst the trip participants were student fundraisers, corporate sponsors and individual volunteers. While in Kulun Qi, participants not only planted trees with local farmers but also visited old Million Tree Project forests to prune and/or measure trees, taught environmental class at local schools, and enjoyed the delicious local cuisine.

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Trees planted during the April 2010 planting season: 200,000

Trees planted by our (sandy and sore-bodied) participants: 5,914

Trees planted by the (far more experienced and speedy) local farmers: 194,086

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Participating Schools, Companies, and Media:

Rainbow Bridge International School
Shanghai American School - Pudong
Shanghai American School - Puxi
Shanghai Community International School
SMIC Private School
Yew Chung International School - Gubei
Xinan Weiyu High School
Blue Frog
Coca-Cola Bottlers Manufacturing
Standard Chartered
China Daily