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On 12 June 2016, the first Liaoyuan Cup Walkathon was held in Fengxian Bay Forest Park. Hundreds of students and teachers joined the challenge to support the Million Tree Project. Finally, they managed to donate 612 trees to be planted next spring.


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Walking is the zero-emission transportation method, also a good practice to keep fit during the busy daily life. Taking the walkathon as a challenge not only meet the environmental theme, but also a reminder to all to stay healthy and positive.

Planned and managed by students themselves, this event received great support from the school administration. There are three different challenges to choose from, 5km, 10km and 20km. Students ranging from elementary to senior high all joined. To some students, it is their first time to learn about walkathon but still much anticipated to the event. Some students are very perseverant to finish the challenge. Some are quite professional, taking only a little over 30 minutes finishing 20km. Although the temperature was getting higher and higher, everyone is sweating heavily, but no one quit the challenge. They all showed their great support by their wonderful performance.



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After about two hours, all participants reached the finish line. Forty individuals and eleven groups received the prizes. The first Liaoyuan Cup Walkathon was a great success! Thank you all from Liaoyuan school for supporting MTP! Well done!