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The “Sound of Nature” Folk Song Concert Drew to a Successful End 树·音丨公益民谣音乐会圆满落幕

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On the afternoon of June 5th, hundreds of people gathered together at On Stage to celebrate the World Environment Day with Shanghai Roots & Shoots.

6月5日下午,几百位观众汇聚On Stage,和根与芽一起,度过了一个不一样的世界环境日。伴着热场音乐美妙的鼓点,“树·音”公益民谣音乐会正式拉开帷幕。

In the beats of the warm-up music, the “Sound of Nature” Folk Song Concert officially began! This was a fund-raising concert to support the Million Tree Project of Shanghai Roots & Shoots, organized by the Roots & Shoots youth leadership council.

Singers and bands from 7 different universities in Shanghai and several famous local folk musicians presented a 3-hour-long brilliant concert. Everyone in the audience contributed two saplings by purchasing the concert ticket. The audience applauded the wonderful performances of the bands. Moreover, lots of donated trees on site to show their support for Roots & Shoots and care for the environment.


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The “Sound of Nature” Concert might be Shanghai’s greenest folk song concert, bringing alive a fresh environmental experience.


Acoustic Feast

The musicians included “Top Ten Singers” in different universities, original music contest winners, folk musicians and signed artists……Every singer presented their best performance and music that touched people’s hearts.



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Happy Afternoon

Upstairs, girls had much fun putting on themselves with green tattoo stickers — they “planted” grass on their arms; meanwhile in the hallway, Roots & Shoots youth leadership council prepared themed postcards and decorated the entire space with lyrics quotation of well-known folk songs. Three candidates of Miss Earth China were invited to promote environmental awareness.



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Glutton World

Rose cakes, cupcakes, vegan ice-cream, puddings, tortilla chips and dipping sauce…the combination of charming looks and excellent taste attracted the audience and the proceeds went towards the Million Tree Project as well.



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During the entire concert, Roots & Shoots volunteers in green T-shirts were busy both on the stage and behind the scenes. With their concerted efforts and the generous support from the audience, totally 474 trees were donated to help stop desertification in Inner Mongolia.



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Special thanks to Kent Kedl’s donation as well as the great support from the following partners:


感谢Kent Kedl的捐助,以及以下合作伙伴的大力支持:

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