• Million Tree Planting Project

    Million Tree Project

    3,354,637 trees planted since 2007

  • 我们的使命 Our Mission

    使命 Mission Statement


    The Million Tree Project of Shanghai Roots & Shoots began in 2007 with a mission to combat desertification and improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions by planting one million trees.

    We work with local communities, as well as volunteers on our planting trips, to plant specialized soil-fixing and carbon-sequestering trees and shrubs that push back against both desertification and climate change. We intimately involve and benefit local populations in partnership through each step of the project from planting to maintaining and monitoring the trees.

    At our sites in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia we have already blown past our original goal of one million trees, but we have no intention to stop our afforestation efforts anytime soon.

    项目目标 Project Objectives


    With the continued support of our sponsors, partners, and team members, MTP aims to:

    • 减缓沙漠化  Slow Down Desertification
    • 对抗气候变化  Fight Climate Change
    • 植树造林  Reforest
    • 碳中和  Sequester Carbon
    • 提升环境意识  Raise Environmental Awareness
  • Our Work

    2,514,637 trees planted so far in Inner Mongolia


    And 840,000 shrubs planted so far in Ningxia


    Project Overview

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    Our first planting site, started in 2007 to combat the rapidly expanding desertification in Inner Mongolia. Our experts work with volunteers and local farmers to plant tree species tailored to the local soil conditions, such as hybrid poplar (Populus simonii) and the Mongolian Scots pine (Pinus sylvestnis var. mongolica Litv.) in order to reverse the degradation of the soil which causes devastating sand storms that harm local communities and their economies. Learn More

    Started in 2015 at the Baijitan Nature Reserve, this planting site aims to prevent the expansion of the Maowusu Sandy Land which threatens both the regional environment and the local economy. We tailor our afforestation efforts specifically to the soil conditions at Lingwu, using shrubs such as the Littleleaf and Korshinsk Peashrubs, as well as the construction of massive straw grids, to prevent soil erosion and stop the continued desertification of land in the region. Learn More


  • 团队人员Our Team

    刘苋 Xian Liu


    Million Tree Project Director


    Xian Liu has been a part of Shanghai Roots & Shoots since 2012, and joined the Million Tree Project in 2019. She is responsible for project operation and management.


    联系方式 Email: liuxian@srschina.org

    电话phone:021-6352 3580 转ext.817

    陈汉龙 Hanlong Chen


    Million Tree Project Coordinator


    Hanlong Chen studied at the Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and has been working with Shanghai Roots & Shoots since 2015. He is responsible for the project's local operations, data statistics and analysis, and recruitment of volunteers.


    联系方式 Email: hanlong@srschina.org

    王凯 Kai Wang


    Million Tree Project Regional Manager


    Kai Wang graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University, and has been a part of Shanghai Roots & Shoots since 2012. He is responsible for the project's local operations, evaluation and related volunteering activities.


    联系方式 Email: wangkai@srschina.org

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