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    Currently, the Million Tree Project runs programs in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia and Lingwu, Ningxia. As of now the MTP focuses on specifically combating rapid desertification through tree planting, though we're constantly expanding our tree-planting mission.

    Tongliao, Inner Mongolia

    Mission: Combat desertification in Tongliao Municipality through planting of soil-fixing trees

    Learn more about our Inner Mongolia program here.

    Lingwu, Ningxia

    Mission: Lessen the spread of desertification through tree and shrub planting, as well as the construction of erosion-combating straw grids

    Learn more about our Ningxia program here.




    Lingwu, Ningxia

  • 数据 Data

    十年成果 Achievements in 10 years

    300余万棵 | Over 3 million plants

    迄今为止已经完成的种植数量 planted so far

    2,514,637 trees

    planted so far

    840,000 shrubs

    planted so far

    34,000余亩 | 2,268 hectares

    总计种植面积 of land reforested

    20多个村庄 | 20+ villages

    参与种植和养护 involved in planting and maintenance

    2200名志愿者 | 2,200 volunteers

    亲自前往,亲手种树 participated in planting trips


    林地平均保存率 average forest maintenance rate

  • Case

    Here's a look at data from our oldest forest plot. Located in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, this plot was first planted with Mongolian scots pine and hybrid poplars in 2007 and this planting continued into 2008. Since then, we've monitored the growth and progress of the trees every year. Some of the data we have captured over time is shown below.

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